Smart Early Payout CriticalCare


Smart Early Payout CriticalCare

The first plan in Malaysia that pays at the early stages of critical illness

No matter how much we plan for the future, there will always be unexpected events beyond our control, such as the onset of a critical illness. However, with continuous medical advances and emphasis on periodic health screening, early detection of a critical illness is promising and may save your life.

Smart Early Payout CriticalCare is designed with you in mind. It's a unique investment-linked insurance rider, which pays upon early diagnosis of a critical illness covered under this plan, not when the illness has become more severe – as with most insurance plans. Smart Early Payout CriticalCare gives you the early payout protection you need so that you can focus on treatment and recovery.

Key benefits

Early payout, finances saved

With early payouts to provide for early treatment, medication or even financial commitments1, you can focus on recovery and getting back on your feet.

Added coverage with 'Buy Back' option

To remain covered even after receiving a full payout, you can buy back the death benefit from selected insurance offered by us1,2 .

Multiple claims across illnesses

You can make multiple claims for different critical illnesses or across severity levels for the same critical illness, with no waiting between claims1 .

How Smart Early Payout CriticalCare works

Footnotes and disclaimers


Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover.


Terms and conditions apply.

Up to the maximum sum assured of the rider


Smart Early Payout CriticalCare is a unit-deduction rider attachable to selected regular premium investment-linked insurance plans. These plans are insurance products that are tied to the performance of the underlying assets, and are not pure investment products such as unit trusts. Smart Early Payout CriticalCare must be attached together with IL Critical Illness Benefit Rider. Upon payment of any benefits under Smart Early Payout CriticalCare, the rider will accelerate the sum assured of the IL Critical Illness Benefit Rider, which in turn will also accelerate the sum assured of the investment-linked insurance plan. The insurance charge to be imposed will be deducted from the total investment value of your policy on a monthly basis. You may stop paying premiums under the policy and still enjoy protection as long as there is sufficient total investment value to pay for the insurance charge. However, there is a possibility of the policy lapsing when the required charges, including rider charges exceed the total investment value of the fund units available. Purchasing too many unit-deduction riders may deplete the fund units.


You should satisfy yourself that this rider will best serve your needs and that the premium payable under the policy is an amount you can afford. A free-look period of 15 days is given for you to review the suitability of the newly purchased Medical and Health Insurance product (MHI). If the rider is cancelled during this period, the policy owner is entitled to the reinstatement of the units deducted for the payment of insurance charge after net of expenses incurred for the medical examination, if any. If you switch your Medical Policy/Rider from one company to another or if you exchange your current Medical Policy/Rider with another policy within the same company, you may be required to submit an application where acceptance of your proposal will be subject to the terms and conditions to be imposed at the time of Policy/Rider switching or replacement.


The above is for general information only. It is not a contract of insurance. You are advised to refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet, consumer education booklet on MHI and sample policy documents for detailed important features and benefits of the plan before purchasing the plan. The exclusions and limitations of benefits highlighted above are not exhaustive. 


Information correct as on 30 August 2016.

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