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Family Takaful

Once you have a family, your perspectives in life will begin to change. The health, safety, and well-being of the family suddenly become your top priority. You realised it is important for you to start having some family plan in order to protect your most valuable people in the world. Some people choose to take out commercial insurance to take care of their families, but do you know that Family Takaful provides more benefits and investment opportunities for your family finances?

Why Do You Need Family Coverage?
Signing up for a Family Takaful has various advantages. First and foremost, with this family plan, your family’s finances will be better maintained. Saving a little extra money every month enables you and your family to better prepare for many important things including hospitalization, children's education expenses, as well as umrah and hajj. Family Takaful plans are also flexible. You don’t have to worry about biting more than you could chew. Signing up for one will ensure protection not only for your family but for the well-being of your future as well.

Comprehensive Family Takaful!
Family Takaful provides a variety of solutions that give you and your family the most suitable family plan for different needs. View our Family Takaful catalogue and choose the one that works best for your family.

i-Great Evo
This Family Takaful protection plan can make an incredible difference to you and your family. This plan is flexible and comprehensive to cater to the evolving needs of your family for a more assured and protected life. Here are some of the key benefits:
  • Pay an affordable monthly contribution from RM50 a month
  • Have an increasing Room & Board and Annual Limit every five years with medical riders.
  • Get any of the 56 major critical illnesses protected from children to adults in one optional rider.
i-Great Neo
This Family Takaful solution provides high coverage and long-term protection to you and your family. Enjoy a safe, exclusive lifestyle by signing up for this plan. This solution offers the following benefits to you upon signing up:
  • Get a High Sum Covered from RM300,000 up to 400% of Basic Sum Covered
  • Enjoy a Loyalty Benefit and Maturity Booster
  • Get any of the 56 major critical illnesses protected from children to adults in one optional rider.

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